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Short post and some pics

just a few updates and then some pics that i took yesterday and today.

1. i had ALMOND MILK today. i haven't had it in 3 months because we still don't have power. but this time i just bought a carton of it and i'm praying it stays cool in non-working freezer with frozen bottles of water. 2. i met a man who knows witchcraft and he told me that if he's mad at someone and then goes to sleep, they usually are dead by the next morning. so i was really nice to him. we talked for like an hour and then he followed me while i went grocery shopping. oh he also said that he is a black prince and that michael jackson is either his nephew or his son. 3. Pringle is nowhere to be found. 4. i am working at a botanical garden gift shop. Zen AF.

Have you ever seen a horse sleeping? Now you have so you can scratch it off your bucket list. You're welcome. (Left to Right: Blondie and Pickles)

Below are two pictures from a festival I went to yesterday called "Starving Artists" and then a photo of the sunset tonight.


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