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a year in numb3rs

i'll admit it. i can be a little flighty.

sometimes my ideas get SO big and my dreams so lofty that i can't even feel my feet on the ground.

this has it benefits but it also has its downfalls. i will begin a project, creation, endeavor and then become interested in something else that excites me and so on. my mind is full of abstractions (that are all brilliant, of course...), but i often miss the mark in translating them to a tangible or cohesive form in reality. this leaves a lot of loose threads, and i end up feeling chaotic and unproductive. it's like i'm always doing something, but i'm not actually doing anything.

so in 2022 i tried to (loosely) keep track of my year in numbers to see what i accomplished, experienced—both personally and professionally—to bring some quantitativeness to my usual qualitative approach.

i didn't collect this data to be militant or self-critical, it is merely a tool to help shift my focus to the practical side of life and perhaps reorient myself toward changes i want to make next year. no harm, no foul.

maybe you would like to start this practice in 2023!

the great thing about numbers is that they don't lie.

there is no room for "well...but...if only..."

numbers only communicate in results, not excuses.

so here you have it.

in 2022, i ...

💔 survived 1 breakup

📚 read 42 books

🧘🏼‍♀️ took 243 yoga classes

📎 attended 2 writing conferences

🚶‍♀️walked, ran, or swam 2,139.33 miles

📝 participated in 18 writing courses

👩‍🏫 presented 2 workshops

📰 had 1 article published in a magazine (hey, that's more than last year)

🎤 recorded 1 full song on the guitar ... (also more than last year)

reflect: what might you keep track of next year?

10-year dreams. 5-minute actions. Where do I want to be in 10 years? What can I do in the next 5 minutes to contribute to that outcome?

-James Clear


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