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baggage, energy, and clearing the air

Pack Rats


We all have it. We all hate it.

That closet shelf, that junk drawer, that catch-all bag, the backseat of our cars.

I myself will blindly dig through my purse for weeks, memorizing shapes and grasping at least seven objects before my fingers finally wrap around my lip gloss. Rummaging, rummaging, rummaging.

Until that one moment, tipped over the edge of overwhelm, I dramatically dump out the entire thing, just to be faced with an array of crap. I figure out what needs to stay, what can be relocated, and what I will throw away forever, which is the greatest of all reliefs.

Isn't life the same way? We let the chaos build until the last straw breaks us, the pot boils over, and we have no choice but to execute an entire upheaval. The rockbottom phenomena. It is not until this desperate moment, when the issue looks us square in the eye, that we begin to sort things out—this could take the form of physical belongings, emotional hindrances, obstructive mental patterns, etc.

So we wait for a crisis to upend us, for better or worse.

One of the literal definitions of crisis is:

a crucial or decisive point or situation; a turning point.

The etymology: Latin crisis, from Ancient Greek κρίσις (krísis, “a separating, power of distinguishing, decision, choice, election, judgment, dispute”), from κρίνω (krínō, “pick out, choose, decide, judge”)

This tell us that crises mark the beginning of a new phase. The root word signifies that we have the power to make a choice. Personal agency. The crises in our lives vary in levels of intensity; a situation could be a subtle call for mere readjustment, or the higher-degree crises may require a complete reorganization of the psyche.

In other words, whether big or small, a crisis prompts a shifting and sifting of elements. A rearrangement. We go through our “stuff” to determine what truly matters versus that which we can let go. We have to be willing to take a thorough look at the contents if we want to transform ourselves, our energy, our space—a simple Spring cleaning project or a complete dismantling of our past belief systems to make room for a spiritual awakening.

The annoying part is that these situations often have to get a lot messier before a viable solution can be reached. It is difficult for to organize a purse while still keeping all belongings tightly contained inside. I have to shake everything up, scatter it about, and go through the items one at a time. Because we need to know what we have in order to decide what to get rid of, what no longer serves us, what we need more of, and what we need to attend to.

Only then are we are able to implement and sustain a method to the madness. .


When we keep things we no longer need, they add up and confound our embodiment of truth. Negative physical, mental, and emotional programming threaten us and clog our channel to the Universe, divinity, God, whatever you choose to believe in as your Source of inspiration. These distractions collect as insidiously and silently as dust on a glass window, until our vision becomes too clouded for clarity.

"I have baggage." Have you heard that phrase before? Have you spoken that phrase before. Me too. We probably all have. But, what does it mean?

baggage suitcases, trunks, and personal belongings of travelers; LUGGAGE transportable equipment;

intangible things (such as feelings, circumstances, or beliefs) that get in the way

We have this intangible baggage because we keep carrying it, telling everyone about it, and letting it continue to weigh us down. At this point in life, who doesn’t have “baggage” in some way, shape, or form? Our past experiences make us who we are, they shouldn’t alienate us nor define us. Rather we alienate ourselves by parading around our heavy pasts and wearing our damage like a badge of honor. In reality, we make a choice every day to let that repetitive and deconstructive narrative limit us.

But at some point, just like our collections in the purse or junk drawer, we usually reach a moment where we are forced to take a look. The tension becomes so great that we begin to understand a change is necessary. We face the psychological issues and traumas that are holding us back and we get to work. Don't get me wrong, these could take years to dissect, but it is a different feeling and perspective when you are addressing it and taking back your power versus letting your past debilitate you. We get better at managing the energy.


What baggage are you still carrying around? What's weighing on you?




(perhaps even) spiritual:

Some ideas to get you started…

  • That one cluttered closet in your house

  • The relationship that has been building tension all winter

  • A project stuffed in your drawer that is beckoning to be let out and explored

  • Old ideas about your family of origin's religion that don't jive with your present values

Where in your life do you feel you can declutter, clear the air, or address something that has been calling for your attention?

P.S. When all else fails, and you have something to let go of, try dancing around the airport and singing Taylor Swift. (Just make sure you are at your arrival destination, on your way out of the airport.)


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