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Today gratitude is in the air. We made it through one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in history and for some reason our island was protected amidst all of this chaos. That is not what the pictures were showing hours before the event (we are just east of Puerto Rico, right in the middle of its projected path if you look at the photo below).

With that said, islands near us got really torn up, so please keep them in your thoughts. If you would like to make a donation to St. Johns, please go to this link where 100% of proceeds will benefit St. Johns victims:

The preparation efforts were quite the experience. I can say that I have never dealt with anything like this before in the states - I have been through snow storms, but nothing like this. Here is a picture of the community coming together and helping each other fill sandbags.

Then there is a picture of what we used the sandbags for, to put against the door to prevent flooding. Of course Harley is in the picture because... Harley.

I learned a LOT about hurricane preparedness so if anyone else is ever in this situation, you know who to call. This is the water stocked up for Harley and I.

All in all, it was kind of a fun experience, except for the night before when the news reports were getting worse and worse and it turned into a Category 5 and I actually thought I might die and I realized it was too late to get a plane off this bitch. That minor detail was kind of shitty. I was calm up until that point and then everyone back home started to really scare me - I don't blame them after all they have been seeing the past couple of weeks are pictures of the Harvey scene.

We still don't have power and last night before the wind and rain even stopped, my mom started warning me about JOSE who is apparently on its way... My response, "That wouldn't be for a few days. I'm still talking about Irma. Let's focus on Irma." Like, can we just do one thing at a time here please?

We have the generator on just for a bit and so I only have a few more minutes of internet time left.


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