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the five pillars



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Meditating on the Beach


Rock Balancing




Pink Lotus Flower



Inner Space is a framework to personalize your health and wellbeing, remove limiting blocks, tap into your full potential, and live the life for which you were destined, the life you deserve, the life that deserves you. 

We plan and implement subtle, incremental shifts in our routines to build a strong foundation for transformation and liberation. Discover your true authentic self and watch how natural life becomes, the miracles that arise, and how you feel more aligned with the world at large. Find meaning in your life and feel good about getting up in the morning knowing you are serving your true purpose. 


This is the part of us that is not our bodies. Some like to think of this as the Universe, a Higher Power, Force, Source, Inner Self, Magic, Highest Self, Soul, Love, God--the options are endless. The point is to recognize that a presence exists beyond the brain and body, connecting us to each other and a higher way of being. 



Our physical beings are a temporary container and vessel for the Spirit. Every day your body replaces billions of cells. In seven years, you will be composed of a brand new structure. This demonstrates the impermanence of the body and proves that the Soul is ever present despite the external shell in constant flux and rearrangement. 


Stay awake to your surroundings. Emotions and thoughts will come and go, it is our awareness that remains constant. Notice and accept the now. Live each moment without discrimination. Observe your breath, and its pace will naturally slow; eventually this becomes true for your thoughts. 



We are meant to live in unity--with each other, nature, and all living things. Embody the concept of oneness and realize that we are all part of the same interwoven fabric of life. It is impossible to pull apart the ties that bind. Learn to utilize your support system, set boundaries, and communicate effectively. 



Remain teachable, remain a student; every day, start with a beginner’s mind. Never lose your curiosity and wonder. We must continue to satisfy our intellect and ask questions to seek answers and then seek even more answers. We are never done, we are spiritual beings embarking on a human journey and we came here to learn and grow. 


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