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Color Bombs

April 2023

...spring, rain, renewal, hope...
some words that come to mind for the month ahead.
what theme is emerging in your life?

These cards are from Denise Linn's Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck.



Blue Butterfly 

It's no accident that the butterfly represents transformation, rebirth, and resurrection. Remarkably, when the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis, it doesn't just instantly become a butterfly; it actually dissolves into a kind of soup. In other words, it liquefies itself ... and out of that emerges something completely different. It is a true transformation. In some cultures, blue butterflies are considered very good luck and even wish granters.  In Native American tribes, it is believed that a wish whispered to a butterfly will be granted when it flies to the heavens. The Native American shawl dance, which celebrates renewal, is derived from the butterfly dance. Also, the color blue represents a calmness, peace, and spiritual attunement; and the blue butterfly is thought to carry all these meanings.  

The Sacred Landscape

Wants You to Know 

This is the time for change, reinvention, or a rebirth into. anew way of being. If you've been plodding along, this card suggests that you take the measures to shift everything. Don't resist change. The blue color suggests a spiritual renewal or intuition. Transformation doesn't mean taking something old and remodeling it or rearranging a few things; it means becoming something completely different ... or doing something completely different. Change is often uncomfortable but it is usually for the highest good. This is a very lucky card, and drawing this card can mean that a wish may be about to come true. 

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Song of the Wind 

Wind is in the realm of the air elements, one of the four elements of life 9air, water, fire, and earth). Air takes form in the oxygen we breath as well as in breezes and zephyrs. It also represents our communication skills. When we speak, it is the air that passes through our mouths that allows us to speak and communicate. Wind is also prana, the source of life. As you communicate your truth to yourself and others, you'll find new energy and vitality emerging within your life. 

The Sacred Landscape

Wants You to Know

Be honest with yourself and speak from your heart. Find your truth. Listen for what is sincere and honest in others. On eof the most difficult things to know is what's true for you and what isn't. Sometimes it takes sincere silence to find your inner voice of truth, but once you find it, let go of anything in your life that isn'ty authentic. Share your truth with others. Release relationships in which you can't be yourself and can't be real. Being genuine can allow your spirit to fly and the song of your soul to be heard by the Universe. 

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Guardian Oak 

In many traditions, the oak tree is associated with wisdom, strength, and protection. One of the many remarkable things about the oak is that from the smallest acorn, a powerful tree of enormous size can spring forth and live for hundreds of years. The roots of the oak go as deep into the earth as its branches reach into the sky. The oak is honored for its expanse, its nobility, and its endurance. Additionally, its tendency to attract lightning confirmed in the minds of many ancients that the oak represented life-force, vitality, and strength. Many cultures revered the oak and honored the living spirit within it. They believed that there was a mystic doorway in the oak tree through which one could travel to inner worlds. Oak is one of the most compelling symbols for protection. 

The Sacred Landscape

Wants You to Know 

One of the most potent signs on the sacred landscape is the ancient oak. it carries numerous meanings. you are protected. you can weather anything. your roots go deep. you are brave and you can survive anything. stand strong. You carry the energy of a leader, and you have great authority in life. Great wisdom is expanding within you, and others sense this. This card can also mean to protect your assess; take are to guard and protect oyur home, your loved ones, and yourself. 

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